I've sent out a newsletter almost every Monday for more than five years. In each email, I send encouragement and reflection on the creative process. I share links to what I'm making/doing and also links to things I found interesting in the world of art and creativity. My newsletter is the best way to keep up with all my projects and get encouragement to tackle your own projects.

Here's what subscribers have said:

"Crystal– I just wanted to say THANK YOU as genuinely as I can. I love following along on your creative pursuits and your writing really resonates with me..."

"I have unsubscribed from so many email lists lately. I’m tired of all the noise, and all of the people telling me what I need to do to find success. I so look forward to your Monday messages. I can always relate with what you have today and can take comfort that we artists all deal with similar issues."

"Just had to hit reply and say amen to your words! Thank you, thank you! Your weekly letters are my absolutely favourite and I always find your words motivating and reassuring."

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